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Main Line todayClick on the photo to check out a fantastic article about Holtzie in the December issue of Main Line Today!

Who is Holtzie?!?

a) The ONLY stand up comedian for kids 3-10.
b) The future of comedy entertainment for children.
c) The coolest and most handsome dad living in the Philadelphia area.
d) A fantastic kids entertainer who can be reached at 215-469-1616.
e) All of the above.

Answer: Although he’d like you to believe the answer is d, you would actually be correct if you picked a or b. Watch a moment of Holtzie’s high energy performance and you'll immediately see what we mean. The Great Holtzie has thrown the rules of children's entertainment out the window. Gone are the goofy costumes, creepy makeup and condescending tone. Holtzie insists on treating children like little people rather than little kids. And he has created an act that will make mom and dad laugh just as hard as their six-year-old.

From the absurd to classic slapstick, The Great Holtzie's jokes captivate everyone, from preschoolers to parents. Whether he is arguing with a See n’ Say or taking a bite out of a “worm burger,” his hysterical routine keeps even the most active children glued to their seats. The Great Holtzie's sharp comedy reflexes guarantee fits of laughter and screams of delight.

Q: Where does the Great Holtzie perform?

A: First...just to make it clear... The Great Holtzie is available for birthday party appearances. Although he regularly performs at theaters and festivals, Holtzie still loves doing parties. Holtzie thinks that there is nothing cooler than making a room full of people laugh so he performs every chance he gets. The Great Holtzie has made children scream with laughter all over the Philadelphia region...and then some. He has performed at parties and events from Margate to Lancaster...from Washington DC to New York.

American Girl Doll and the great holtzie 

Q: You say The Great Holtzie is funny, but how can I be sure?

A: They say a picture speaks a thousand words so what would they say about a bunch of pictures and a video? Click here to see those words in action. If that isn't enough, stop by the Praise For Holtzie page to read some fantastic reviews.

Q: Hey Holtzie! You look like one of the fathers! Where is your clown make-up and silly outfit?

A: This is a sensitive topic for The Great Holtzie. Legend has it that The Great Holtzie had a horrible experience as a small child with a clown and a flower that squirted water. From that point on he developed a deep dislike for all things clown . All jokes aside...many children (and adults) simply don't like clowns. The Great Holtzie believes that kids don't need to be tricked into laughing by using silly make-up and outfits.

Q: How much is this going to cost me?

A: Can you put a price on your child's happiness? Fine...just give The Great Holtzie a call at 215-469-1616 for pricing information. He also answers to Adam if you feel funny asking for The Great Holtzie.

Q: Is this The Great Holtzie the funniest children's entertainer in Philadelphia?

A: Yeah duh! He was just named "Best Comedian For Kids" in Philadelphia Magazine's "Best Of Philly" issue.

Q: Are there any articles I can read about Holtzie?

A: SURE! Check out these articles...

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