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Apple TVApple TV
If you're an Apple fan or just a fan of cool electronics that don't cost an arm and an leg...this is the product for you. The Netflix interface is the best I've seen. Air Play is great for showing off your latest photos and videos (if you have an iPhone) and if you know how to Jailbreak... Call me if you want details on that.

Cardboard Safari Trophy Head Cardboard Safari

Have you ever wanted the glory of a mounted animal head on your wall without the fuss and muss of hunting and finding a good taxidermist? If you're like The Great Holtzie you just said, "yes" and "YES!" It might be time to go on a Cardboard Safari. They offer a variety of trophy heads made from cardboard. The fit together like a puzzle within minutes. Holtzie thinks they are a fun and animal friendly idea for your child's bedroom.

The Great Holtzie Baby Destructo Baby Destructo!

Sometimes a baby needs to destroy the world. Haven't you had one of those days!? 

The Great Holtzie Great Press!
Even I could use some good press every now and then. I really feel like this article captured the entirety of what I'm trying to do and how I came to this point in my short career. It's a quick and fun read. Please click here to check it out!

Pecos Pest Crambone


This is the GREATEST moment from Tom and Jerry. Enjoy

Yes...dreams really do come true. You can now follow Holtzie on Twitter. He decided that life wasn't complicated enough with work and a newborn so Holtzie added the pressure of coming up with witty and pithy things to write on a daily basis. Hmmmm.... Click HERE to watch him crash and burn!

Comedian For Kids: The Great HoltzieThe Great Holtzie Live!

The Great Holtzie doesn't usually endorse other children's entertainers but this act is very special. The Great Holtzie highly recommends The Great Holtzie for your next party or event. The Great Holtzie says, "if you can only hire one children's comedian this year - hire The Great Holtzie!"

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

What can I say about this band? Uhhh...They look like descendants of the Manson Family?? This cross breed of hipsters and hippies are a lot of fun. I always fall for a collective that makes shiny happy music and these guys do just that. 

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. The Great Holtzie Flapjack!
The actual title is "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack" but that wouldn't fit above. This show is on the Cartoon Network and it's pretty whacky. Lots of dry humor. It's cross between Cabin Boy and Spongebob.

Annie's Mac and Cheese! The Great HoltzieAnnie's Microwaveable Mac and Cheese
This is the greatest quick snack EVER! It takes just 3 minutes to cook and it is yummy...and not too bad for ya! Here are some facts from Annie's website.
-0 trans fat
-no sugar added
Helpful hint from The Great Holtzie: If you really want to go crazy... Cook it for 2 minutes the add a small slice of butter. Cook for one more minute then add the cheese.

Kids Corner WXPN Kid's Corner

Simply put...KID'S CORNER RULES! Anyone with kids should be listening Monday thru Thursday from 7-8 PM on 88.5 WXPN.


The Great Holtzie Love Trader Joes Trader Joe's

The Great Holtzie can't make kids laugh on an empty stomach. Nothing fills his belly better than some grub from Trader Joe's. Great food and great there a better combo than that?


Go City Kids

This is the Holy Grail of where to find family activities and a whole lot more. From plays to playgroups...from schools to fantastic reviews of The Great Holtzie's's all there. Never have nothing to do again!


A photo of The Great Holtzie's Guinea PigsGuinea Pigs!

If you want a cool and easy-to-care-for pet...The Great Holtzie highly reccomends a Guinea Pig! He owns three; Oliver, Fabio and Hooper. They are sweet, stinkless and highly talented. See video below. (Cute child not included!) 


Sigur RosSigur Ros

The Great Holtzie LOVES Sigur Ros and you just might too. So what if they sing in Icelandic and a made-up language that sounds a lot like Icelandic. Their music is a thing of beauty that transcends all spoken languages. (Ok...that's a way too deep for a guy who makes burp jokes for a living!)  The Great Holtzie says that their 2006 show at the Borgata was the best concert he has seen since Oingo Boingo opened for Squeeze in '87. 


Margate, NJ is The Great Holtzie's hometown Margate, NJ

The Great Holtzie loves where he grew up. Now he's just a common shoo-bee looking for a good parking spot.

I love this video!

Funny clip from Flight of The Conchords.  



The great Holtzie and Sammy

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