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The Great Holtzie was just what the doctor ordered for the kids at Camp Get-A-Well-A this summer!  Holtzie’s performance made a room filled with sick and seriously ill kids erupt with laughter and excitement.  Camp Get-A-Well-A is held in a children’s hospital so when the laughter got too loud, we had to shut the doors to the playroom!  In particular, one very sick little girl who had been confined to the hospital for months on end was laughing hysterically, interacting and even heckling Holtzie - all in good fun!   They say laughter is the best medicine, that proved to be true on the day The Great Holtzie came to Camp Get-A-Well-A!
JoLanne Hanson, Camp Get-A-Well-A - Executive Director

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"I will definitely be having the Great Holtzie come back to our camp next summer! We have had many acts come through the doors of St. Peter's Summer Camp, but the Great Holtzie kept every child engaged and laughing! Not only did the first graders enjoy the show, but the 3 year olds could also appreciate his jokes. My staff was impressed with his ability to cross all age groups. The Great Holtzie was able to reach every age and personality present at our camp. I have never seen an entertainer quite like him before. He is truly a unique find!"

Lauren S. Girardi, St. Peter's School

The Great Holtzie is edgy and funny. He's retained a part of his childhood that we can all recognize as part of our own. To my knowledge, he's the first stand up comedian for kids and families.

Ezra Idlet, Trout Fishing In America

The Great Holtzie delivered a phenomenal performance at the birthday party of our 6-year-old twins. He had 45 children eating out of the palm of his hand for an hour! At the end, one child said, "I wish it would last for 5 hours!" Our boys said that it was the "silliest, funniest show" they had ever seen. Since the party, we have received numerous calls from other parents who reported that their child had the "best time" at the party because of the Great Holtzie's jokes, silly-ness, and tricks. Also, the "grown-ups" who stayed during the party also loved the show; the Great Holtzie sneaks in just enough material for the parents too. We highly recommend him for various audiences, and hope to see him again very soon! Maybe one day, he will be on TV. so we can tune in and see him daily.

Jennifer and Michael F

"We had The Great Holtzie entertain our preschool camp recently. What a find! He kept the children and staff engaged and entertained for the whole time. We have had other programs this summer, and our little kids usually leave half way through - but not with The Great Holtzie. He was amazing. Parents asked me about it the next day, which just tells you that the children were still talking about him when they got home! I highly recommend The Great Holtzie for any and all events. For the very young to the very old. He is hilarious! The staff wants to make sure we have him back during the school year."

Missy Horrow, Director of Early Childhood Education - Main Line Reform Temple

"My two boys were at the Lower Providence library this week and just loved the Great Holtzie's act! My three-year-olds favorite part was when he ate the worms, and my five-year-old loved his "cowboy hat" and bald jokes! I came with my boys, my mother, and a woman my mother takes care of who is mentally retarded and also has cerebral palsy. She had so much fun! She was really getting the jokes. It can be very hard to break through to her and communicate as she cannot speak, and boy did The Great Holtzie get through to her! It was a really awesome thing to see her clapping, laughing, and squealing. It was such a fun night."


The Great Holtzie performed at my son's birthday today. Jack, on the way upstairs said, "I just had the BEST time!" and Noah is still walking around talking about worms and baldness. The other kids and the adults loved it too. Holtzie jokingly said he has no artistic talent, but I think what The Great Holtzie does is definitely art and he is very, very talented. I've never seen my kids laugh that hard and for that long! Thanks again SO much to The Great Holtzie for making Jack's birthday extra special.


"The Great Holtzie brought a level of laughter and humor to our annual XPoNential Music Festival this summer on the Camden Waterfront! His attention and focus to the kids he is performing with, mixed with his winks and nods to the adults nearby, is a perfect oasis in a sea of overzealous clowns and crusty magicians - a breath of fresh air for any kids' party!"

Robert Drake, Producer of WXPN's "Kids Corner" 8/10/07

"I'm the first to admit that I've put a whole lot of time and energy into planning a total of 14 birthday parties for our two daughters. We've had some real hits, but even our best party pales in comparison to what The Great Holtzie delivered to our latest "Comedy Club" birthday event. I have never seen kids laugh so hard and for so long. It was a real treat to see the three-year-olds cracking up right along with the six-year-olds, the 12-year-olds, and even the parents. I would book The Great Holtzie again in a heartbeat!"


Thanks so much for an amazing show last Saturday. My kids have your whole show memorized and can’t stop reciting it. It’s great! Well, except in Target this morning when my Sam was calling people “knucklehead” and “baldie!”  Thanks again!


"The Great Holtzie performed this December at The Morris Arboretum's Annual Premier Member's Holiday Garden Railway Evening. The event was a great success with a record-breaking 600 members registered to see the railway and The Great Holtzie's fabulous show. He kept the packed room of children, parents, and staff laughing and smiling. He made our event even more magical! My colleagues and I were still laughing on Monday morning."

Renee Ezokas DePietro, Morris Arboretum

"I cannot thank The Great Holtzie enough for participating in our Kidzfest 2007 event – he was a huge hit! With a crowd over 1,000 people present, I could still hear the kids and parents laughing from across the field. Several of my friends that had seen his performance stopped me and said their children wanted to know when he was coming back on - he was hysterical! The Great Holtzie helped us in successfully raising over $15,000 for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's fight against children's cancer, heart disease, and premature birth. I am eternally grateful."

Lisa Hurly

"The Great Holtzie performed for a large group at a neighborhood block party this past weekend. The children loved him. He is a refreshing alternative to the traditional entertainers for children. He makes children comfortable, connects with them at their level, and - best of all - makes them laugh. I highly recommend him."

Jennifer, King of Prussia PA

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